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In 2012 USF Health IS developed the COPH Student Portfolios application in collaboration with Dr. Deanna Wathington and David Hogeboom from COPH Academic and Student Affairs Office for COPH students to build a strong portfolio based on their degree work at the College of Public Health. Because of the success and flexibility of the application, in 2013 USF Health decided to expand the COPH Student Portfolios application to all USF Health students as the Health Student Portfolios application.

This application integrates with various source systems such as GEMS (HR data), OASIS (COPH, CON, and MCOM Graduate Studies student data), Health Banner (MCOM MD, SPT&RS, COP student data) and COPH AFAR (Annual Faculty Activity Reporting, research data). Health Student Portfolios serves as a central repository that allows students to collect and store data about their Health degrees, research work, service and volunteer work, event attendance, assistantships, work experience, etc. Collected data can generate a CV draft, Ph.D. Annual Report, NIH Biosketch, and allow faculty members to analyze students' involvement in these activities. The application even allows the different Health programs to automate event attendance tracking. Health Student Portfolios can be accessed and utilized by both students and alumni of all USF Health degree programs.