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George Blanck, Ph.D.
Full Professor, Dept of Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine



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Email: gblanck@health.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 974-9585
Office: MDC, 4024
Mailing address 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MDC 7
Tampa, FL 33612
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  • PHD, Biological Sciences, Columbia University, United States - 1984.
    Interdisciplinary & Emerging Signature Programs
    Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Cancer Biology, Other.
    Research Summary

    genomics and bioinformatics based analysis of gene expression and cancer; vaccine development and immunotherapeutics


    Selected Publications
  • Parry ML, Ramsamooj M, Blanck G. Big genes are big mutagen targets: a connection to cancerous, spherical cells? Cancer letters. 356(2 Pt B) : 479-82, 2015.
  • Lloyd MC, Szekeres K, Brown JS, Blanck G. Class II Transactivator Expression in Melanoma Cells Facilitates T-cell Engulfment. Anticancer research. 35(1) : 25-9, 2015.
  • Ford SA, Blanck G. Signal persistence and amplification in cancer development and possible, related opportunities for novel therapies. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1855(1) : 18-23, 2015.
  • Blanck G. The future of cancer research: prevention, screening, vaccines, and tumor-specific drug combos. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics. 10(3) : 700-2, 2014.
  • Mauro JA, Butler S, Ramsamooj M, Blanck G. Copy number loss or silencing of apoptosis-effector genes in cancer. Gene. : , 2014.
  • Lloyd MC, Burke N, Kalantarpour F, Niesen MI, Hall A, Pennypacker K, Citron B, Pick CG, Adams V, Das M, Mohapatra S, Cualing H, Blanck G. QUANTITATIVE MORPHOLOGICAL AND MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY OF THE HUMAN THYMUS CORRELATE WITH INFANT CAUSE OF DEATH. Technology and innovation. 16(1) : 55-62, 2014.
  • Blanck G. The Rise of the Biomedical Sciences Master's Program at U.S. Medical Colleges. Teaching and learning in medicine. 26(4) : 409-11, 2014.
  • Szekeres K, Koul R, Mauro J, Lloyd M, Johnson J, Blanck G. An Oct-1-based, feed-forward mechanism of apoptosis inhibited by co-culture with Raji B-cells: Towards a model of the cancer cell/B-cell microenvironment. Experimental and molecular pathology. : , 2014.
  • Mauro JA, Blanck G. Functionally distinct gene classes as bigger or smaller transcription factor traps: A possible stochastic component to sequential gene expression programs in cancer. Gene. : , 2013.
  • Cronin K, Escobar H, Szekeres K, Reyes-Vargas E, Rockwood AL, Lloyd MC, Delgado JC, Blanck G. Regulation of HLA-DR peptide occupancy by histone deacetylase inhibitors. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics. 9(4) : , 2013.
  • Pillai S, Szekeres K, Lawrence NJ, Chellappan SP, Blanck G. Regulation of interlocking gene regulatory network subcircuits by a small molecule inhibitor of retinoblastoma protein (RB) phosphorylation: Cancer cell expression of HLA-DR. Gene. : , 2012.
  • Pava LM, Morton DT, Chen R, Blanck G. Unifying the Genomics-based Classes of Cancer Fusion Gene Partners: Large Cancer Fusion Genes Are Evolutionarily Conserved. Cancer genomics & proteomics. 9(6) : 389-95, 2012.
  • Long K, Abuelenen T, Pava L, Bastille M, Blanck G. Size matters: sequential mutations in tumorigenesis may reflect the stochastic effect of mutagen target sizes. Genes & cancer. 2(10) : 927-31, 2011.
  • Xu L, Niesen MI, Blanck G. Linkage of a tumor immune function and cell cycle de-regulation via a gene regulatory network subcircuit. Molecular immunology. 46(4) : 569-75, 2009.
  • Mohapatra S, Park SJ, Boyapalle S, Pastey MK, Graham BS, Blanck G. Human respiratory syncytial virus reduces the number of cells in S-phase and increases GADD153 expression in HEp-2 cells. Acta virologica. 53(3) : 207-11, 2009.
  • Kazemfar K, Chen R, Nicholson K, Coppola D, Zhou JM, Chen X, Wei S, Blanck G. Combined IL-8 and TGF-beta blockade efficiently prevents neutrophil infiltrates into an A549-cell tumor. Immunology letters. 122(1) : 26-9, 2009.
  • Niesen MI, Blanck G. Rescue of major histocompatibility-DR surface expression in retinoblastoma-defective, non-small cell lung carcinoma cells by the MS-275 histone deacetylase inhibitor. Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin. 32(3) : 480-2, 2009.
  • Niesen MI, Osborne AR, Lagor WR, Zhang H, Kazemfar K, Ness GC, Blanck G. Technological advances in the study of HLA-DRA promoter regulation: extending the functions of CIITA, Oct-1, Rb, and RFX. Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica. 41(3) : 198-205, 2009.
  • Coppola D, Parikh V, Boulware D, Blanck G. Substantially reduced expression of PIAS1 is associated with colon cancer development. Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology. : , 2009.
  • Narsing S, Jelsovsky Z, Mbah A, Blanck G. Genes that contribute to cancer fusion genes are large and evolutionarily conserved. Cancer genetics and cytogenetics. 191(2) : 78-84, 2009.
  • Spies T, Bresnahan M, Bahram S, Arnold D, Blanck G, Mellins E, Pious D, Demars R. Pillars Article: A Gene in the Human Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Region Controlling the Class I Antigen Presentation Pathway. Nature 1990. 348: 744-747. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 180(5) : 2737-40, 2008.
  • Palubin KM, Goodwin BL, Niesen MI, Le EA, Osborne AR, Blanck G. A direct mechanistic link between growth control and a tumor cell immune function: increased interleukin-8 secretion accounts for elimination of Oct-1 antisense transformants from scid mice. Anticancer research. 26(3A) : 1733-8, 2006.
  • Osborne AR, Zhang H, Blanck G. Oct-1 DNA binding activity unresponsive to retinoblastoma protein expression prevents MHC class II induction in a non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line. Molecular immunology. 43(6) : 710-6, 2006.
  • Le E, Zhang H, Blanck G. CIITA transformation rescues the apoptotic function of MHC class II in melanoma cells. Anticancer research. 25(6B) : 3889-92, 2006.
  • Niesen MI, Osborne AR, Yang H, Rastogi S, Chellappan S, Cheng JQ, Boss JM, Blanck G. Activation of a methylated promoter mediated by a sequence-specific DNA-binding protein, RFX. The Journal of biological chemistry. 280(47) : 38914-22, 2005.
  • Blanck G. Mutations and regulatory anomalies effecting tumor cell immune functions. Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII. 53(1) : 1-16, 2004.
  • Osborne AR, Zhang H, Fejer G, Palubin KM, Niesen MI, Blanck G. Oct-1 maintains an intermediate, stable state of HLA-DRA promoter repression in Rb-defective cells: an Oct-1-containing repressosome that prevents NF-Y binding to the HLA-DRA promoter. The Journal of biological chemistry. 279(28) : 28911-9, 2004.
  • Eason DD, LeBron C, Coppola D, Moscinski LC, Livingston S, Sutton ET, Blanck G. Development of CD30+ lymphoproliferative disease in mice lacking interferon regulatory factor-1. Oncogene. 22(40) : 6166-76, 2003.
  • Xi H, Blanck G. The IRF-2 DNA binding domain facilitates the activation of the class II transactivator (CIITA) type IV promoter by IRF-1. Molecular immunology. 39(11) : 677-84, 2003.
  • Blanck G. Components of the IFN-gamma signaling pathway in tumorigenesis. Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis. 50(3) : 151-8, 2002.
  • Goodwin BL, Xi H, Tejiram R, Eason DD, Ghosh N, Wright KL, Nagarajan U, Boss JM, Blanck G. Varying functions of specific major histocompatibility class II transactivator promoter III and IV elements in melanoma cell lines. Cell growth & differentiation : the molecular biology journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 12(6) : 327-35, 2001.
  • Eason DD, Blanck G. High level class II trans-activator induction does not occur with transient activation of the IFN-gamma signaling pathway. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 166(2) : 1041-8, 2001.
  • Osborne A, Zhang H, Yang WM, Seto E, Blanck G. Histone deacetylase activity represses gamma interferon-inducible HLA-DR gene expression following the establishment of a DNase I-hypersensitive chromatin conformation. Molecular and cellular biology. 21(19) : 6495-506, 2001.
  • Eason DD, Coppola D, Livingston S, Shepherd AT, Blanck G. Loss of MHC class II inducibility in hyperplastic tissue in Rb-defective mice. Cancer letters. 171(2) : 209-14, 2001.
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  • Blanck G. HLA class II expression in human tumor lines. Microbes and infection / Institut Pasteur. 1(11) : 913-8, 1999.
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  • Lu Y, Boss JM, Hu SX, Xu HJ, Blanck G. Apoptosis-independent retinoblastoma protein rescue of HLA class II messenger RNA IFN-gamma inducibility in non-small cell lung carcinoma cells. Lack of surface class II expression associated with a specific defect in HLA-DRA induction. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 156(7) : 2495-502, 1996.
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  • Levitt A, Chen S, Blanck G, George D, Pollack RE. Two integrated partial repeats of simian virus 40 together code for a super-T antigen. Molecular and cellular biology. 5(4) : 742-50, 1985.

  • Positions Held
  • Associate Professor (Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, University of South Florida 1995 - 2002)
  • Assistant Professor (Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, University of South Florida 1990 - 1995)

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