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Vladimir Valdez, graduate student

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Email: vvaldez@health.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 974-5747
Office: MDC, 3514
Mailing address 9614 N 55th street
tampa, FL 33617
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Research Summary

The function of Erf4, the small subunit of the protein acyltransferase(PAT) in yeast. Erf2/Erf4 is enzyme complex found in yeast with homologs DHHC9/Gcp16 found in humans. Both of these enzyme are known for palmitoylating Ras proteins of which the humans homologs are involved in cancer. We want to know what is the role of the Erf4 subunit to probe at the mechanism of Gcp16 and hopefully find a better way of reducing Ras activity of the constitutive activated Ras proteins.


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