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Ingrid Bahner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine


Assoc Professor

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Email: ibahner@health.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 974-3454
Office: MDC, 4005
Mailing address USF-Morsani College of Medicine, Dept of Molecular Medicine 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC 7
Tampa, FL 33612
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  • Ph.D., Microbiology, University of Southern California, USA - 1996.
  • PHD, Microbiology, University Of Southern California, United States - 1996.
    Interdisciplinary & Emerging Signature Programs
    Academic Philosophy

    To advance the academic mission of generating knowledge and of delivering excellent education and fostering the intellectual growth of students in a collegial and diverse environment.

    Research Summary

    Specific research interests include: • The role of basic science in the teaching of medical sciences • The role scholarship in improving patient outcome • The role of mentorship in pipeline programs


    Selected Publications
  • Giannoni F, Hardee CL, Wherley J, Gschweng E, Senadheera S, Kaufman ML, Chan R, Bahner I, Gersuk V, Wang X, Gjertson D, Baltimore D, Witte ON, Economou JS, Ribas A, Kohn DB. Allelic exclusion and peripheral reconstitution by TCR transgenic T cells arising from transduced human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells. Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy. 21(5) : 1044-54, 2013.
  • Bahner,I.; Somboonwit,C.; Pross,S.; Collins,R.J. and Saporta,S. Teaching Science Through Biomedical Research In An Elective Curriculum Medical Science Educator. 22(3) : 143-146, 2012.
  • Huang SH, Wu CH, Jiang S, Bahner I, Lossinsky AS, Jong AY. HIV-1 gp41 ectodomain enhances Cryptococcus neoformans binding to human brain microvascular endothelial cells via gp41 core-induced membrane activities. The Biochemical journal. 438(3) : 457-66, 2011.
  • Taylor JA, Vojtech L, Bahner I, Kohn DB, Laer DV, Russell DW, Richard RE. Foamy virus vectors expressing anti-HIV transgenes efficiently block HIV-1 replication. Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy. 16(1) : 46-51, 2008.
  • Bahner I, Sumiyoshi T, Kagoda M, Swartout R, Peterson D, Pepper K, Dorey F, Reiser J, Kohn DB. Lentiviral vector transduction of a dominant-negative Rev gene into human CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells potently inhibits human immunodeficiency virus-1 replication. Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy. 15(1) : 76-85, 2007.
  • Nightingale SJ, Hollis RP, Pepper KA, Petersen D, Yu XJ, Yang C, Bahner I, Kohn DB. Transient gene expression by nonintegrating lentiviral vectors. Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy. 13(6) : 1121-32, 2006.
  • Unwalla HJ, Li HT, Bahner I, Li MJ, Kohn D, Rossi JJ. Novel Pol II fusion promoter directs human immunodeficiency virus type 1-inducible coexpression of a short hairpin RNA and protein. Journal of virology. 80(4) : 1863-73, 2006.
  • Michienzi A, Cagnon L, Bahner I, Rossi JJ. Ribozyme-mediated inhibition of HIV 1 suggests nucleolar trafficking of HIV-1 RNA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 97(16) : 8955-60, 2000.
  • Kohn DB, Bauer G, Rice CR, Rothschild JC, Carbonaro DA, Valdez P, Hao Q, Zhou C, Bahner I, Kearns K, Brody K, Fox S, Haden E, Wilson K, Salata C, Dolan C, Wetter C, Aguilar-Cordova E, Church J. A clinical trial of retroviral-mediated transfer of a rev-responsive element decoy gene into CD34(+) cells from the bone marrow of human immunodeficiency virus-1-infected children. Blood. 94(1) : 368-71, 1999.
  • Verma S, Woffendin C, Bahner I, Ranga U, Xu L, Yang ZY, King SR, Kohn DB, Nabel GJ. Gene transfer into human umbilical cord blood-derived CD34+ cells by particle-mediated gene transfer. Gene therapy. 5(5) : 692-9, 1998.
  • Bauer G, Valdez P, Kearns K, Bahner I, Wen SF, Zaia JA, Kohn DB. Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) replication after transduction of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor-mobilized CD34+ cells from HIV-1-infected donors using retroviral vectors containing anti-HIV-1 genes. Blood. 89(7) : 2259-67, 1997.
  • Bahner I, Kearns K, Coutinho S, Leonard EH, Kohn DB. Infection of human marrow stroma by human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) is both required and sufficient for HIV-1-induced hematopoietic suppression in vitro: demonstration by gene modification of primary human stroma. Blood. 90(5) : 1787-98, 1997.
  • Kearns K, Bahner I, Bauer G, Wei SF, Valdez P, Wheeler S, Woods L, Miller R, Casciato D, Galpin J, Church J, Kohn DB. Suitability of bone marrow from HIV-1-infected donors for retrovirus-mediated gene transfer. Human gene therapy. 8(3) : 301-11, 1997.
  • Zhou C, Bahner I, Rossi JJ, Kohn DB. Expression of hammerhead ribozymes by retroviral vectors to inhibit HIV-1 replication: comparison of RNA levels and viral inhibition. Antisense & nucleic acid drug development. 6(1) : 17-24, 1996.
  • Bahner I, Kearns K, Hao QL, Smogorzewska EM, Kohn DB. Transduction of human CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells by a retroviral vector expressing an RRE decoy inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication in myelomonocytic cells produced in long-term culture. Journal of virology. 70(7) : 4352-60, 1996.
  • Zhou C, Bahner IC, Larson GP, Zaia JA, Rossi JJ, Kohn EB. Inhibition of HIV-1 in human T-lymphocytes by retrovirally transduced anti-tat and rev hammerhead ribozymes. Gene. 149(1) : 33-9, 1994.
  • Bahner I, Zhou C, Yu XJ, Hao QL, Guatelli JC, Kohn DB. Comparison of trans-dominant inhibitory mutant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genes expressed by retroviral vectors in human T lymphocytes. Journal of virology. 67(6) : 3199-207, 1993.
  • Bedgood RM, Bahner I, Kohn DB, Stallcup MR. Two different genes coding for processable and nonprocessable forms of a viral envelope protein can account for the apparent hormonal stimulation of protein processing in W7MG1 lymphoma cells. Molecular endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.). 6(3) : 459-67, 1992.
  • Nolta JA, Yu XJ, Bahner I, Kohn DB. Retroviral-mediated transfer of the human glucocerebrosidase gene into cultured Gaucher bone marrow. The Journal of clinical investigation. 90(2) : 342-8, 1992.
  • Kohn DB, Nolta JA, Weinthal J, Bahner I, Yu XJ, Lilley J, Crooks GM. Toward gene therapy for Gaucher disease. Human gene therapy. 2(2) : 101-5, 1991.
  • Bahner I, Lamb J, Mayo MA, Hay RT. Expression of the genome of potato leafroll virus: readthrough of the coat protein termination codon in vivo. The Journal of general virology. 71 ( Pt 10): 2251-6, 1990.

  • Positions Held
  • Clinical Associate Professor (Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, USC-Keck School of Medicine 2007 - 2008)
  • Research Associate Professor (Department of Pediatrics, Division of Research Immunology and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles 2001 - 2008)
  • Clinical Assistant Professor (Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, USC-Keck School of Medicine 2001 - 2007)

  • Memberships
  • International Association of Medical Science Educators (Member, 2013 - Present)
  • American Society for Microbiology (Member, 2002 - Present)
  • American Society for Gene Therapy (Member, 2001 - 2008)

  • Awards/Honors
  • Outstanding teacher award (University of Southern California - 2008)

  • Lectures
  • "Do Scholarly Concentration Programs Contribute To Lasting Scholarship?" 2014 AAMCSGEA Meeting. FL, United States - 2014.
  • "Workshop on Scholarly Concentrations Program-How to Successfully Foster Medical Student Scholarship " 18th annual IAMSE conference. TN, United States - 2014.
  • "Teaching Scientific Research Skills in an Elective Curriculum: Obstacles, Opportunities and Outcome" IAMSE Webinar. FL, United States - 2013.
  • "Contributions of the scholarly concentration program in biomedical research to the scientific compet" 17th annual IAMSE conferene. United Kingdom - 2013.
  • "Workshop on Designing “return to basic science” curricula for senior health science students" 17th annual IAMSE conferene. United Kingdom - 2013.
  • "CD34+ cell medicated manipulations of the immune response. " Division of Allergy and Immunology, Children's Hospital. FL, United States - 2007.
  • "Development of an HIV-1 integrase inhibitor assay" 21st UARP HIV/AIDS Investigators' Meeting. CA, United States - 2006.

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