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Vladimir Uversky, PhD, DSc


Associate Professor

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Email: vuversky@health.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 974-5816
Office: MDC, 3540
Mailing address 12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MDC07
Tampa, FL 33647
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  • DSc, Biophysics, Russian Academy Of Sciences, Russia - 1998.
  • PhD, Biophysics, Moscow Institute Of Technical Physics, Russia - 1991.
    Interdisciplinary & Emerging Signature Programs
    Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Biomedical Engineering & Nanomedicine, Cancer Biology, Cardiovascular Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Metabolic Regulation and Disorders, Neurodegenerative Disease, Other.
    Academic Philosophy

    Progress of modern science is defined by the collaboration and team-based research. Students should be prepared for the reality of team science. This goes in parallel with creativity, critical and integrative thinking, and interdisciplinarity.

    Research Summary

    Our scientific interests are broadly defined as everything related to protein folding, misfolding and non-folding. However, the passion is definitely the field of protein non-folding , which is related to the discovery of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), analysis of their abundance in nature, characterization of their exceptional structural and functional plasticity, understanding of their vital roles in various biological processes, and establishing their involvement in the pathogenesis of multiple human diseases. These and related aspects of IDPs are analyzed by a combination of a wide spectrum of computational, bioinformatics, and experimental approaches of modern protein biophysics. Due to the high abundance of IDPs in various proteomes, the exceptional structural and functional plasticity of these proteins, and their intimate relations to the maladies' pathogenesis, it is almost impossible to find an area of protein science where IDPs would not play a noticeable role.


    Selected Publications
  • Rae GM, Uversky VN, David K, Wood M. DRM1 and DRM2 expression regulation: potential role of splice variants in response to stress and environmental factors in Arabidopsis. Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG. : , 2014.
  • Ferreira L, Fan X, Mikheeva LM, Madeira PP, Kurgan L, Uversky VN, Zaslavsky BY. Structural features important for differences in protein partitioning in aqueous dextran-polyethylene glycol two-phase systems of different ionic composition. Biochimica et biophysica acta. : , 2014.
  • Breydo L, Reddy KD, Piai A, Felli IC, Pierattelli R, Uversky VN. The crowd you're in with: Effects of different types of crowding agents on protein aggregation. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1844(2) : 346-57, 2014.
  • Varadi M, Kosol S, Lebrun P, Valentini E, Blackledge M, Dunker AK, Felli IC, Forman-Kay JD, Kriwacki RW, Pierattelli R, Sussman J, Svergun DI, Uversky VN, Vendruscolo M, Wishart D, Wright PE, Tompa P. pE-DB: a database of structural ensembles of intrinsically disordered and of unfolded proteins. Nucleic acids research. 42(1) : D326-35, 2014.
  • Kutyshenko VP, Prokhorov DA, Molochkov NV, Sharapov MG, Kolesnikov I, Uversky VN. Dancing retro: solution structure and micelle interactions of the retro-SH3-domain, retro-SHH-'Bergerac'. Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics. 32(2) : 257-72, 2014.
  • Uversky VN. The triple power of D³: Protein intrinsic disorder in degenerative diseases. Frontiers in bioscience (Landmark edition). 19: 181-258, 2014.
  • Lee C, Kalmar L, Xue B, Tompa P, Daughdrill GW, Uversky VN, Han KH. Contribution of proline to the pre-structuring tendency of transient helical secondary structure elements in intrinsically disordered proteins. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1840(3) : 993-1003, 2014.
  • Peng Z, Oldfield CJ, Xue B, Mizianty MJ, Dunker AK, Kurgan L, Uversky VN. A creature with a hundred waggly tails: intrinsically disordered proteins in the ribosome. Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS. : , 2013.
  • Ferreira L, Madeira PP, Mikheeva L, Uversky VN, Zaslavsky B. Effect of salt additives on protein partition in polyethylene glycol-sodium sulfate aqueous two-phase systems. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(12) : 2859-66, 2013.
  • Uversky VN. The UBE2E proteins as conjugating dispersers: extending function with extended extensions. Journal of molecular biology. 425(22) : 4067-70, 2013.
  • Kutyshenko VP, Beskaravayny PM, Molchanov MV, Paskevich SI, Prokhorov DA, Uversky VN. Looking at microbial metabolism by high-resolution (2)H-NMR spectroscopy. PeerJ. 1: e101, 2013.
  • Shivu B, Seshadri S, Li J, Oberg KA, Uversky VN, Fink AL. Distinct β-sheet structure in protein aggregates determined by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. Biochemistry. 52(31) : 5176-83, 2013.
  • Malaney P, Pathak RR, Xue B, Uversky VN, Davé V. Intrinsic disorder in PTEN and its interactome confers structural plasticity and functional versatility. Scientific reports. 3: 2035, 2013.
  • Choi UB, Kazi R, Stenzoski N, Wollmuth LP, Uversky VN, Bowen ME. Modulating the intrinsic disorder in the cytoplasmic domain alters the biological activity of the N-methyl-D-aspartate-sensitive glutamate receptor. The Journal of biological chemistry. 288(31) : 22506-15, 2013.
  • Madeira PP, Bessa A, Alvares-Ribeiro L, Raquel Aires-Barros M, Rodrigues AE, Uversky VN, Zaslavsky BY. Amino acid/water interactions study: a new amino acid scale. Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics. : , 2013.
  • Peng Z, Xue B, Kurgan L, Uversky VN. Resilience of death: intrinsic disorder in proteins involved in the programmed cell death. Cell death and differentiation. 20(9) : 1257-67, 2013.
  • Bhat-Nakshatri P, Song EK, Collins NR, Uversky VN, Dunker AK, O'Malley BW, Geistlinger TR, Carroll JS, Brown M, Nakshatri H. Interplay between estrogen receptor and AKT in estradiol-induced alternative splicing. BMC medical genomics. 6: 21, 2013.
  • Uversky VN. Under-folded proteins: Conformational ensembles and their roles in protein folding, function, and pathogenesis. Biopolymers. 99(11) : 870-87, 2013.
  • Yan J, Mizianty MJ, Filipow PL, Uversky VN, Kurgan L. RAPID: fast and accurate sequence-based prediction of intrinsic disorder content on proteomic scale. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(8) : 1671-80, 2013.
  • Xue B, Ganti K, Rabionet A, Banks L, Uversky VN. Disordered Interactome of Human Papillomavirus. Current pharmaceutical design. : , 2013.
  • Uversky VN. The most important thing is the tail: multitudinous functionalities of intrinsically disordered protein termini. FEBS letters. 587(13) : 1891-901, 2013.
  • Coelho Ribeiro Mde L, Espinosa J, Islam S, Martinez O, Thanki JJ, Mazariegos S, Nguyen T, Larina M, Xue B, Uversky VN. Malleable ribonucleoprotein machine: protein intrinsic disorder in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae spliceosome. PeerJ. 1: e2, 2013.
  • Lapteva YS, Uversky VN, Permyakov SE. Sequence microheterogeneity of parvalbumin, the major fish allergen. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(8) : 1607-14, 2013.
  • Xue B, Romero PR, Noutsou M, Maurice MM, Rüdiger SG, William AM, Mizianty MJ, Kurgan L, Uversky VN, Dunker AK. Stochastic machines as a colocalization mechanism for scaffold protein function. FEBS letters. 587(11) : 1587-91, 2013.
  • Uversky VN. A decade and a half of protein intrinsic disorder: biology still waits for physics. Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society. 22(6) : 693-724, 2013.
  • Wood M, Rae GM, Wu RM, Walton EF, Xue B, Hellens RP, Uversky VN. Actinidia DRM1--an intrinsically disordered protein whose mRNA expression is inversely correlated with spring budbreak in kiwifruit. PloS one. 8(3) : e57354, 2013.
  • Uversky VN. MultIDIMensionality of IDIMs: intrinsic disorder in autoinhibition. Structure (London, England : 1993). 21(3) : 315-6, 2013.
  • Ortiz JF, MacDonald ML, Masterson P, Uversky VN, Siltberg-Liberles J. Rapid evolutionary dynamics of structural disorder as a potential driving force for biological divergence in flaviviruses. Genome biology and evolution. 5(3) : 504-13, 2013.
  • Xue B, Jeffers V, Sullivan WJ, Uversky VN. Protein intrinsic disorder in the acetylome of intracellular and extracellular Toxoplasma gondii. Molecular bioSystems. 9(4) : 645-57, 2013.
  • Sun X, Rikkerink EH, Jones WT, Uversky VN. Multifarious roles of intrinsic disorder in proteins illustrate its broad impact on plant biology. The Plant cell. 25(1) : 38-55, 2013.
  • Uversky VN, Dunker AK. The case for intrinsically disordered proteins playing contributory roles in molecular recognition without a stable 3D structure. F1000 biology reports. 5: 1, 2013.
  • Xue B, Brown CJ, Dunker AK, Uversky VN. Intrinsically disordered regions of p53 family are highly diversified in evolution. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(4) : 725-38, 2013.
  • Moroz NA, Novak SM, Azevedo R, Colpan M, Uversky VN, Gregorio CC, Kostyukova AS. Alteration of tropomyosin-binding properties of tropomodulin-1 affects its capping ability and localization in skeletal myocytes. The Journal of biological chemistry. 288(7) : 4899-907, 2013.
  • Jinwal UK, Akoury E, Abisambra JF, O'Leary JC, Thompson AD, Blair LJ, Jin Y, Bacon J, Nordhues BA, Cockman M, Zhang J, Li P, Zhang B, Borysov S, Uversky VN, Biernat J, Mandelkow E, Gestwicki JE, Zweckstetter M, Dickey CA. Imbalance of Hsp70 family variants fosters tau accumulation. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. 27(4) : 1450-9, 2013.
  • Uversky VN. Unusual biophysics of intrinsically disordered proteins. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(5) : 932-51, 2013.
  • Hsu WL, Oldfield CJ, Xue B, Meng J, Huang F, Romero P, Uversky VN, Dunker AK. Exploring the binding diversity of intrinsically disordered proteins involved in one-to-many binding. Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society. 22(3) : 258-73, 2013.
  • Oldfield CJ, Xue B, Van YY, Ulrich EL, Markley JL, Dunker AK, Uversky VN. Utilization of protein intrinsic disorder knowledge in structural proteomics. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(2) : 487-98, 2013.
  • Oates ME, Romero P, Ishida T, Ghalwash M, Mizianty MJ, Xue B, Dosztányi Z, Uversky VN, Obradovic Z, Kurgan L, Dunker AK, Gough J. D²P²: database of disordered protein predictions. Nucleic acids research. 41(Database issue) : D508-16, 2013.
  • Zaslavsky A, Madeira P, Breydo L, Uversky VN, Chait A, Zaslavsky B. High throughput characterization of structural differences between closely related proteins in solution. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1834(2) : 583-92, 2013.
  • Uversky VN. Intrinsic disorder-based protein interactions and their modulators. Current pharmaceutical design. 19(23) : 4191-213, 2013.
  • Silva BA, Breydo L, Uversky VN. Targeting the chameleon: a focused look at α-synuclein and its roles in neurodegeneration. Molecular neurobiology. 47(2) : 446-59, 2013.
  • Silva BA, Breydo L, Fink AL, Uversky VN. Agrochemicals, α-synuclein, and Parkinson's disease. Molecular neurobiology. 47(2) : 598-612, 2013.
  • Blair LJ, Nordhues BA, Hill SE, Scaglione KM, O'Leary JC, Fontaine SN, Breydo L, Zhang B, Li P, Wang L, Cotman C, Paulson HL, Muschol M, Uversky VN, Klengel T, Binder EB, Kayed R, Golde TE, Berchtold N, Dickey CA. Accelerated neurodegeneration through chaperone-mediated oligomerization of tau. The Journal of clinical investigation. 123(10) : 4158-69, 2013.
  • Na I, Redmon D, Kopa M, Qin Y, Xue B, Uversky VN. Ordered disorder of the astrocytic dystrophin-associated protein complex in the norm and pathology. PloS one. 8(8) : e73476, 2013.
  • Marín M, Uversky VN, Ott T. Intrinsic disorder in pathogen effectors: protein flexibility as an evolutionary hallmark in a molecular arms race. The Plant cell. 25(9) : 3153-7, 2013.
  • Malaney P, Uversky VN, Davé V. The PTEN Long N-tail is intrinsically disordered: increased viability for PTEN therapy. Molecular bioSystems. 9(11) : 2877-88, 2013.
  • Breydo L, Mikheeva LM, Madeira PP, Zaslavsky BY, Uversky VN. Solvent interaction analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins in aqueous two-phase systems. Molecular bioSystems. 9(12) : 3068-79, 2013.
  • Xue B, Uversky VN. Intrinsic Disorder in Proteins Involved in the Innate Antiviral Immunity: Another Flexible Side of a Molecular Arms Race. Journal of molecular biology. : , 2013.
  • Uversky AV, Xue B, Peng Z, Kurgan L, Uversky VN. On the intrinsic disorder status of the major players in programmed cell death pathways. F1000Research. 2: 190, 2013.
  • Goh GK, Dunker AK, Uversky V. Prediction of Intrinsic Disorder in MERS-CoV/HCoV-EMC Supports a High Oral-Fecal Transmission. PLoS currents. 5: , 2013.

  • Memberships
  • ASBMB (Member, 2012 - Present)
  • Biophysical Society (Member, 2006 - Present)

  • Patents & Licensing
  • Artificial entropic bristle domain sequences and their use in recombinant protein production (Molecular Kinetics, Inc. - 2013)
  • Artificial entropic bristle domain sequences and their use in recombinant protein production (Molecular Kinetics, Inc. - 2011)
  • Entropic bristle domain sequences and their use in recombinant protein production. (Molecular Kinetics, Inc. - 2009)

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