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Niketa Patel,  Ph.D.
Research Biologist, Research Service


Associate Professor

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Email: npatel@health.usf.edu
Office: VAH, 125
Mailing address JAH VA, Res Ser VAR 151 13000 Bruce B Downs
Tampa, 33612
  • PHD, Molecular Biology, University Of South Florida , Tampa, United States - 1998.
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    Other, Neuroscience.
    Research Summary

    Obesity continues to escalate as a significant public health problem and as the leading preventable cause of death. Genetic, environmental, behavioral, and socioeconomic factors cause excess weight gain and obesity. Increased proliferation and differentiation of pre-adipocytes to mature adipocytes (adipogenesis) within the fat tissues are central to obesity. Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is an integral part of the cell cycle. Research from our laboratory involves elucidation of the biochemical and molecular mechanisms in the study of adipogenesis. Protein kinase C (PKC)d, a member of the novel PKC (nPKC) subfamily, plays an important role in the regulation of cell apoptosis. The focus of this laboratory is to decipher the molecular mechanisms regulating alternative expression of PKCĀ“ isoforms. Our laboratory has recently identified a new human PKCdelta isoform generated by alternative splicing. Alternative splicing is now acknowledged as being pivotal in generating the protein diversity required to fine tune the cellular functions. Regulation of alternative splicing involves interplay of the cis-elements with the trans-acting factors such as SR proteins and hnRNPs. This is currently being investigated using molecular biology techniques and cloning of minigenes to facilitate the identification of the splicing components in this system.


    Selected Publications
  • Apostolatos, A., Song, S., Acosta, S., Peart, M., Watson, J. E., Bickford, P., Cooper, D. R., and Patel, N. A Insulin promotes neuronal survival via the alternatively spliced protein kinase CdeltaII isoform J Biol Chem. (287): 9299-9310, 2012.
  • Apostolatos, H.Apostolatos, A.Vickers, T.Watson, JE.Song, S.Vale, F.Cooper, DR.Sanchez-Ramos, J.Patel, NA. Vitamin A metabolite, all-trans-retinoic acid, mediates alternative splicing of protein kinase C deltaVIII (PKCdeltaVIII) isoform via splicing factor SC35. The Journal of biological chemistry. 285(34): 25987-95, 2010.
  • Jiang, K.Patel, NA.Watson, JE.Apostolatos, H.Kleiman, E.Hanson, O.Hagiwara, M.Cooper, DR. Akt2 regulation of Cdc2-like kinases (Clk/Sty), serine/arginine-rich (SR) protein phosphorylation, and insulin-induced alternative splicing of PKCbetaII messenger ribonucleic acid. Endocrinology. 150(5): 2087-97, 2009.
  • Kleiman, E.Carter, G.Ghansah, T.Patel, NA.Cooper, DR. Developmentally spliced PKCbetaII provides a possible link between mTORC2 and Akt kinase to regulate 3T3-L1 adipocyte insulin-stimulated glucose transport. Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 388(3): 554-9, 2009.
  • Chappell, DS.Patel, NA.Jiang, K.Li, P.Watson, JE.Byers, DM.Cooper, DR. Functional involvement of protein kinase C-betaII and its substrate, myristoylated alanine-rich C-kinase substrate (MARCKS), in insulin-stimulated glucose transport in L6 rat skeletal muscle cells. Diabetologia. 52(5): 901-11, 2009.
  • Jiang, K.Apostolatos, AH.Ghansah, T.Watson, JE.Vickers, T.Cooper, DR.Epling-Burnette, PK.Patel, NA. Identification of a novel antiapoptotic human protein kinase C delta isoform, PKCdeltaVIII in NT2 cells. Biochemistry. 47(2): 787-97, 2008.
  • Ghosh, N.Patel, N.Jiang, K.Watson, JE.Cheng, J.Chalfant, CE.Cooper, DR. Ceramide-activated protein phosphatase involvement in insulin resistance via Akt, serine/arginine-rich protein 40, and ribonucleic acid splicing in L6 skeletal muscle cells. Endocrinology. 148(3): 1359-66, 2007.
  • Patel, NA.Song, SS.Cooper, DR. PKCdelta alternatively spliced isoforms modulate cellular apoptosis in retinoic acid-induced differentiation of human NT2 cells and mouse embryonic stem cells. Gene expression. 13(2): 73-84, 2006.
  • Patel, NA.Kaneko, S.Apostolatos, HS.Bae, SS.Watson, JE.Davidowitz, K.Chappell, DS.Birnbaum, MJ.Cheng, JQ.Cooper, DR. Molecular and genetic studies imply Akt-mediated signaling promotes protein kinase CbetaII alternative splicing via phosphorylation of serine/arginine-rich splicing factor SRp40. The Journal of biological chemistry. 280(14): 14302-9, 2005.
  • Patel, NA.Apostolatos, HS.Mebert, K.Chalfant, CE.Watson, JE.Pillay, TS.Sparks, J.Cooper, DR. Insulin regulates protein kinase CbetaII alternative splicing in multiple target tissues: development of a hormonally responsive heterologous minigene. Molecular endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.). 18(4): 899-911, 2004.
  • Patel, NA.Eichler, DC.Chappell, DS.Illingworth, PA.Chalfant, CE.Yamamoto, M.Dean, NM.Wyatt, JR.Mebert, K.Watson, JE.Cooper, DR. The protein kinase C beta II exon confers mRNA instability in the presence of high glucose concentrations. The Journal of biological chemistry. 278(2): 1149-57, 2003.
  • Patel, NA.Yamamoto, M.Illingworth, P.Mancu, D.Mebert, K.Chappell, DS.Watson, JE.Cooper, DR. Phosphoinositide 3-kinase mediates protein kinase C beta II mRNA destabilization in rat A10 smooth muscle cell cultures exposed to high glucose. Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 403(1): 111-20, 2002.
  • Patel, NA.Chalfant, CE.Watson, JE.Wyatt, JR.Dean, NM.Eichler, DC.Cooper, DR. Insulin regulates alternative splicing of protein kinase C beta II through a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent pathway involving the nuclear serine/arginine-rich splicing factor, SRp40, in skeletal muscle cells. The Journal of biological chemistry. 276(25): 22648-54, 2001.
  • Yamamoto, M.Acevedo-Duncan, M.Chalfant, CE.Patel, NA.Watson, JE.Cooper, DR. Acute glucose-induced downregulation of PKC-betaII accelerates cultured VSMC proliferation. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 279(3): C587-95, 2000.
  • Sanchez-Ramos, J.Song, S.Cardozo-Pelaez, F.Hazzi, C.Stedeford, T.Willing, A.Freeman, TB.Saporta, S.Janssen, W.Patel, N.Cooper, DR.Sanberg, PR. Adult bone marrow stromal cells differentiate into neural cells in vitro. Experimental neurology. 164(2): 247-56, 2000.
  • Cooper, DR.Watson, JE.Patel, N.Illingworth, P.Acevedo-Duncan, M.Goodnight, J.Chalfant, CE.Mischak, H. Ectopic expression of protein kinase CbetaII, -delta, and -epsilon, but not -betaI or -zeta, provide for insulin stimulation of glucose uptake in NIH-3T3 cells. Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 372(1): 69-79, 1999.
  • Yamamoto, M.Patel, NA.Taggart, J.Sridhar, R.Cooper, DR. A shift from normal to high glucose levels stimulates cell proliferation in drug sensitive MCF-7 human breast cancer cells but not in multidrug resistant MCF-7/ADR cells which overproduce PKC-betaII. International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer. 83(1): 98-106, 1999.
  • Patel, NA.Chalfant, CE.Yamamoto, M.Watson, JE.Eichler, DC.Cooper, DR. Acute hyperglycemia regulates transcription and posttranscriptional stability of PKCbetaII mRNA in vascular smooth muscle cells. The FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. 13(1): 103-13, 1999.
  • Yamamoto, M.Acevedo-Duncan, M.Chalfant, CE.Patel, NA.Watson, JE.Cooper, DR. The roles of protein kinase C beta I and beta II in vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation. Experimental cell research. 240(2): 349-58, 1998.
  • Chalfant, CE.Watson, JE.Bisnauth, LD.Kang, JB.Patel, N.Obeid, LM.Eichler, DC.Cooper, DR. Insulin regulates protein kinase CbetaII expression through enhanced exon inclusion in L6 skeletal muscle cells. A novel mechanism of insulin- and insulin-like growth factor-i-induced 5' splice site selection. The Journal of biological chemistry. 273(2): 910-6, 1998.

  • Positions Held
  • Assistant Professor (Dept. of Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine, USF 2004 - 2007)

  • Memberships
  • Endocrine Society (member, 1998 - Present)

  • Awards/Honors
  • Chair, RNA and Disease (Endocrine Society - 2007)

  • Patents & Licensing
  • Compositions and Methods for Detecting Intracellular Glucose and Analogs Thereof (Patel NA - 2011)
  • Glucose-regulated mRNA instability element (Patel NA - 2005)

  • Lectures
  • "SC35 mediates alternative splicing of PKCdVIII" Endocrine Society . FL, United States - 2008.
  • "Alternative splicing of PKCd" Endocrine Society. Canada - 2007.
  • "Alternative splicing" TIFR, India. India - 2006.
  • "Insulin regulates alternative splicing of PKCbII" ISIS Pharm. FL, United States - 2005.

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