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Ulla Uusitalo, PHD, MS, MMM


Associate Professor

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Email: ulla.uusitalo@epi.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 396-9516
Office: MDC, 615
Mailing address MDC104
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  • PHD, Cornell University, United States - 2003.
  • MS, International Nutrition, Cornell University, USA - 1998.
  • MS (MMM), Human Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland - 1983.

    Selected Publications
  • Aronsson CA, Uusitalo U, Vehik K, Yang J, Silvis K, Hummel S, Virtanen SM, Norris JM, TEDDY Study Group. Age at first introduction to complementary foods is associated with sociodemographic factors in children with increased genetic risk of developing type 1 diabetes Maternal and Child Nutrition. : , 2013.
  • Aronsson CA, Vehik K, Yang J, Uusitalo U, Hay K, Joslowski G, Riikonen A, Ballard L, Virtanen SM, Norris J and the TEDDY Study Group. Use of dietary supplements in pregnant women in relation to sociodemographic factors – a report from The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study Public Health Nutr. 4: 1-13, 2013.
  • Uusitalo U, Kronberg-Kippila C, Aronsson CA, Schakel S, Schoen S, Mattisson I, Reinivuo H, Silvis K, Sichert-Hellert W, Stevens M, Norris JM, Virtanen SM. Food composition database harmonization for between-country comparisons of nutrient data in the TEDDY Study. Journal of food composition and analysis : an official publication of the United Nations University, International Network of Food Data Systems. 24(4-5) : 494-505, 2011.
  • Arkkola T, Kautiainen S, Takkinen HM, Kenward MG, Nevalainen J, Uusitalo U, Simell O, Ilonen J, Knip M, Veijola R, Virtanen SM. Relationship of maternal weight status and weight gain rate during pregnancy to the development of advanced beta cell autoimmunity in the offspring: a prospective birth cohort study Pediatr Diabetes. 12: 478-484, 2011.
  • Virtanen SM, Uusitalo L, Kenward MG, Nevalainen J, Uusitalo U, Kronberg-Kippila C, Ovaskainen ML, Arkkola T, Niinisto S, Hakulinen T, Ahonen S, Sim. Maternal food consumption during pregnancy and risk of advances beta-cell autoimmunity in the offspring Pediatr Diabetes. 12(2) : 95-99, 2011.
  • Virtanen SM, Kaila M, Pekkanen J, Kenward MG, Uusitalo U, Pietinen P, Kronberg-Kippilä C, Hakulinen T, Simell O, Ilonen J, Veijola R, Knip M. Early introduction of oats associated with decreased risk of persistent asthma and early introduction of fish with decreased risk of allergic rhinitis Br J Nutr.. 103: 266-273, 2010.
  • Prasad M, Lumia M, Erkkola ML, Tapanainen H, Kronberg-Kippila C, Tuokkola J, Uusitalo U, Simell O, Veijola R, Knip M, Ovaskainen ML, Virtanen SM. Diet composition of pregnant Finnish women: changes over time and across seasons Public Health Nutr. 13(6) : 939-946, 2010.
  • Marjamaki L, Niinistö S, Kenward MG, Uusitalo L, Uusitalo U, Ovaskainen ML, Kronberg-Kippila C, Simell O, Veijola R, Ilonen J, Knip M, Virtanen SM. Maternal intake of vitamin D during pregnancy and risk of advanced beta cell autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes in offspring Diabetologia. 53(8) : 1545-1548, 2010.
  • Salmenhaara M, Uusitalo L, Uusitalo U, Kronberg-Kippilä C, Sinkko H, Ahonen S, Veijola R, Knip M, Kaila M and Virtanen SM. Diet and weight gain characteristics of pregnant women with gestational diabetes Eur J Clin Nutr. 64(12) : 1433-40, 2010.
  • Sorkio S, Cuthbertson D, Barlund S, Reunanen A, Nucci AM, Berseth CL, Koski K, Ormission A, Savilahti E, Uusitalo U, Ludvigsson J, Becker DJ, Dupre J, Krischer JP, Knip M, Akerblom H, Virtanen SM. Breastfeeding patterns of mothers with type 1 diabetes: results from an infant feeding trial Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 26(3) : 206-211, 2010.
  • Uusitalo U, Arkkola T, Ovaskainen M-L, Kronberg-Kippilä C, Kenward MG, Veijola R, Simell OG, Knip M, Virtanen SM. Unhealthy dietary patterns are associated with maternal weight gain rate among Finnish women Public Health Nutr. 12(12) : 2392-2399, 2009.
  • Arkkola T, Uusitalo U, Kronberg-Kippila C, Mannisto S, Virtanen M, Kenward MG, Veijola R, Knip M, Ovaskainen ML, Virtanen SM. Seven distinct dietary patterns identified among pregnant Finnish women--associations with nutrient intake and sociodemographic factors Public Health Nutr. 11(2) : 176-182, 2008.
  • Uusitalo L, Uusitalo U, Ovaskainen M-L, Niinistö S, Kronberg-Kippilä C, Marjamäki L, Ahonen S, Kenward MG, Knip M, Veijola R, Virtanen SM. Sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics are associated with antioxidant intake and the consumption of their dietary sources during pregnancy. Public Health Nutr. 11(12) : 1379-1388, 2008.
  • Elmadfa I, Weichselbaum E, Konig J, de Winter A-M R, Trolle E, Haapala I, Uusitalo U, Mennen L, Hercberg S, Wolfram G, Trichopoulou A, Na. European nutrition and health report 2004. Forum of Nutr. (58) : 1-220, 2005.
  • Uusitalo U, Sobal J, Moothoosamy L, Chitson P, Shaw J, Zimmet P, Tuomilehto J. Dietary Westernization; conceptualization and measurement in Mauritius Public Health Nutr. 8(6) : 608-619, 2005.
  • Uusitalo U, Pietinen P, Puska P. Dietary Transition In Developing Countries: Challenges For Noncommunicable Disease Prevention. Globalization, Diets and Noncommunicable diseases. WHO Publication.. : , 2002.
  • Uusitalo U, Feskens EJM, Tuomilehto J, Dowse G, Haw U, Fareed F, Hemraj F, Gareeboo H, Alberti KGMM & Zimmet P. Fall in total cholesterol concentration over five years in association with changes in fatty acid composition of cooking oil in Mauritius: cross sectional survey. BMJ. 313: 1044-1046, 1996.
  • Lahti SM, Uusitalo U, Feskens E, Haw U, Tuomilehto J, Luoma H. Fluoride and sugar intake among adults and youth in Mauritius: preliminary results. Adv Dent Res. 9: 21-25, 1995.

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