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Umesh Jinwal, PHD
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USF College of Pharmacy


Assistant Professor

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Email: ujinwal@health.usf.edu
Phone: (813) 396-0673
Office: ALZ, 308
Mailing address Pharmaceutical Sciences, USF College of Pharmacy, USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute, University of South Florida, 4001 E. Fletcher Ave, MDC36,
Tampa, FL 33613
  • PHD, Biotechnology, Institute Of Microbiology & Biotechnology, Barkatullah Univ, Bhopal, India - 2003.
    Research Summary

    My research interest includes Drug discovery, Molecular Chaperone proteins, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cancer.


    Selected Publications
  • Koren, J. III., Miyata, Y., Kiray, J., O’Leary, J.C., Nguyen, L., Guo, J., Blair, L.J., Jinwal, U.K., Cheng, J.Q., Gestwicki, J.E., Dickey, C.A. Rhodacyanine derivatives selectively targets cancer cells and overcomes tamoxifen resistance PLoS ONE. : , 2012.
  • Calcul, L., Zhang, B., Jinwal, U.K., Dickey, C.A., Baker, B.J. products are a rich source of tau-targeting drugs for Alzheimer’s disease Future Medicinal Chemistry. : , 2012.
  • Thompson, A. D., Scaglione, K.M., Presener, J., Gillies, A.T., Chinnaiyan, A., Paulson, H. L., Jinwal, U. K., Dickey, C. A., Gestwicki, J. E. Analysis of the tau-associated proteome reveals that exchange of Hsp70 for Hsp90 is involved in tau degradation ACS Chemical Biology. : , 2012.
  • Jinwal, U.K., J.H., Abisambra, J.F., Zhang, J., Dharia, S., O’Leary, J.C., Patel, T., Braswell, K., Jani, T., Gestwicki, J.E., Dickey, C.A. Cdc37/ Hsp90 Complex disruption triggers an autophagic clearance cascade for TDP-43 The Journal of Biological Chemistry. : , 2012.
  • Abisambra, J.F., Jinwal, U.K., Suntharalingam, A., Arulselvam, K. Brady, S., Cockman, M.S., Jin, Y., Zhang, B., Dickey, C.A. DnaJA1 antagonizes constitutive Hsp70-mediated stabilization of tau Journal of Molecular Biology. : , 2012.
  • Daily, J.L., Nash, K., Jinwal, U., Golde, T., Rogers, J., Peters, M.P., Burdine, R.D., Dickey, C., Banko, J.L., and Weeber, J.E. Adeno-associated virus-mediated rescue of the cognitive defects in a mouse model for Angelman syndrome PLoS ONE. : , 2011.
  • Evans, C.E., Jinwal, U.K., Dickey, C.A., and Gestwicki, J.E. Identification of dihydropyridines that reduce cellular tau levels Chemical Communications. : , 2011.
  • Rousaki, A., Miyata, Y., Jinwal, U.K., Dickey, C.A., and Gestwicki, J.E., and Zuiderweg, E.R.P. Allosteric drugs: the interaction of anti-tumor compound MKT-077 with human Hsp70 chaperones Journal of Molecular Biology. : , 2011.
  • Shen, Z., Zhang, X., Tang, J., Kasiappan, R., Jinwal, U., Li, P., Hann, S., Nicosia, S., Wu, J., Zhang, X., and Bai, W. The coupling of epidermal growth factor receptor down regulation by 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to the hormone-induced cell cycle arrest at the G1-S checkpoint in ovarian cancer cells Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. : , 2011.
  • Trotter, J.H., Klein, M., Jinwal, U., Abisambra, J., Dickey, C., Tharkur, J., Masiulis, I., Ding, J., Locke, K., Rickman, C., Birch, D., Weeber, E.J. and Herz, J. ApoER2 function in the establishment and maintenance of retinal synaptic connectivity The Journal of Neuroscience. : , 2011.
  • O’Leary, J.C., Dharia, S., Blair, L.J., Brady, S., Johnson, A.G., Peters, M., Cheung-Flynn, J., Cox, M. B., Erausquin, G., Weeber, E.J. Jinwal, U.K., and Dickey, C.A. Ablation of FKBP5/FKBP51 as a novel anti-depressive strategy PLoS ONE. : , 2011.
  • Abisambra, J.F., Jinwal, U.K., Jones, J.R., Blair, L.J., Koren, J. III, and Dickey, C.A. Exploiting the diversity of the heat-shock protein family for primary and secondary tauopathy therapeutics Current Neuropharmacology. : , 2011.
  • Jinwal, U.K. and Dickey, C.A. Cell-based assays for regulators of Tau Biology. “Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia Methods in molecular biology. : , 2011.
  • Jinwal, U.K., Trotter, J.H., Abisambra, J.F., Vestal, G.D., Koren, J. III, Lawson, L.Y., Vestal, G.D., O’Leary, J.C., Johnson, A.G., Jin, Y., Jones, J.R, Li, Q., Weeber, E.J. and Dickey, C.A. The Hsp90 kinase co-chaperone Cdc37 regulates tau stability The Journal of Biological Chemistry. : , 2011.
  • Koren, J. III, Jinwal, U.K., Davey, Z., Kiray, J., Aruselvam, K. and Dickey, C.A. Bending tau into shape: the emerging role of peptidyl-prolyl isomerases in tauopathies Molecular Neurobiology. : , 2011.
  • Jinwal, U.K., O’Leary, J.C., Borysov, S.I., Jones, J.R, Li, Q., Koren, J. III, Abisambra, J.F., Vestal, G.D., Lawson, L.Y., Johnson, A.G., Blair, L.J., Jin, Y., Miyata, Y., Gestwicki, J.E., and Dickey, C.A. Hsc70 rapidly engages tau after microtubule destabilization The Journal of Biological Chemistry. : , 2010.
  • Koren, J., Jinwal, U.K., Jin, Y., O’Leary, J., Jones, J.R., Johnson, A.G., Blair, L.J., Abisambra, J.F., Chang, L., Miyata, Y., Cheng, A.M., Guo, J., Cheng, J.Q., Gestwicki, J.E., Dickey, C.A. Facilitating Akt clearance via manipulation of Hsp70 activity and levels The Journal of Biological Chemistry. : , 2010.
  • Lebson, L., Nash, N., Kamath, S., Herber, D., Carty, C., Lee, D., Li, Q., Szekeres, K., Jinwal, U., Koren, J., Dickey, C.A., Gottschall, P., Morgan, D. and Gordon, M.N. Trafficking CD11b-positive blood cells deliver therapeutic genes to the brain of amyloid depositing transgenic mice The Journal of Neuroscience. : , 2010.
  • Jinwal, U.K., Koren, J. III, Borysov, S.I., Schmid, A.B., Abisambra, J.F., Blair, L.J., Johnson, A.G., Jones, J.R, Shults, C., O’Leary, J. III, Jin, Y., Buchner, J., Cox, M.B., and Dickey, C.A. The Hsp90 co-chaperone, FKBP51, increases tau stability and polymerizes microtubules The Journal of Neuroscience. : , 2010.
  • Jinwal, U.K., Koren, J. III, O’Leary, Jones, J.R, Abisambra, J.F., and Dickey, C.A. Hsp70 ATPase modulators as therapeutics for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. : , 2010.
  • Abisambra, J.F., Blair, L.J., Hill, S.E., Jones, J.R, Kraft, C., Rogers, J., Koren, J. III, Jinwal, U.K., Lawson L., Johnson, A.G., Wilcock, D., O’Leary, J.C., Jansen-west, K., Muschol, M., Golde, T.E., Weeber, E.J., Banko, J. and Dickey, C.A. Phosphorylation dynamics regulates Hsp27-mediated rescue of neuronal plasticity deficits in tau transgenic mice The Journal of Neuroscience. : , 2010.
  • O’Leary, J.C., Li, Q., Marinec, P., Blair, L.J., Congdon, E.E., Johnson, A.G., Jinwal, U.K., Koren, J. III, Jones, J.R., Kraft, C., Peters, M., Abisambra, J.F., Duff, K.E., Weeber, E.J., Gestwicki, J.E., and Dickey, C.A. Phenothiazine-mediated rescue of cognition in tau transgenic mice requires neuroprotection and reduced soluble tau burden Molecular Neurodegeneration. : , 2010.
  • Jones, J.R., Leber, M., Jinwal, U.K., Abisambra, J.F., Koren, J. III, Blair, J., O’Leary, J.C., Trotter, J., Johnson, A.G., Weeber, E., Eckman, C.B., Baker, B., and Dickey, C.A. Myricanol derived from Myrica cerifera is a novel diarylheptanoid scaffold that destabilizes the microtubule associated protein tau Journal of Natural Products. : , 2010.
  • Dickey, C. A., Kraft, C., Jinwal U.K., Koren, J., Johnson, A., Anderson, L., Lebson, L., Lee, D., Dickson, D., De Silva, R., Binder, L., I., Morgan, D. and Lewis, J. Aging analysis reveals slowed Tau turnover and enhanced stress response in Mouse model of Tauopathy American Journal of Pathology. : , 2009.
  • Dickey, C.A., Koren, J., Zhang, Y.J., Xu, Y.F., Jinwal, U.K., Birnbaum, M.J., Monks, B., Sun, M., Cheng, J.Q., Patterson, C., Bailey, R.M., Dunmore, J., Soresh, S., Leon, C., Morgan, D., Petrucelli, L. Akt and CHIP coregulate tau degradation through coordinated interactions Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. : , 2008.
  • Jinwal, U.K., Zakharkin, S.O., Litvinova, O.V., Jain, S., and H. Beneš. Sex, stage and tissue-specific regulation by a mosquito hexamerin promoter Insect Molecular Biology. : , 2006.
  • Tripathi, M.K., Roy, U., Jinwal, U.K., Jain, S.K. and P.K. Roy. Cloning, sequencing and structural features of a novel Streptococcus lipase Enzyme and Microbial Technology. : , 2004.
  • Zakharkin, S.O., Willis, R.L., Litvinova, O.V., Jinwal, U.K., Headley, V.V. and H. Beneš. Identification of two mariner-like elements in the genome of the mosquito Ochlerotatus atropalpus Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. : , 2004.
  • Jinwal, U.K., Roy, U., Chowdhury, A.R., Bhadhuri, A.P. and P.K. Roy. Purification and characterization of an alkaline lipase from a newly isolated Pseudomonas mendocina PK-12CS and chemoselective hydrolysis of fatty acid ester (dagger) Bioorganic Medicinal Chemistry. : , 2003.
  • Tripathi, MK, Jinwal, U.K., Roy, U., Patra, A., Roy, P.K., Batra, S. and A.P. Bhaduri. Effect of different strains of yeast on stereo-controlled reduction of 5-acetylisoxazolines Bio-organic Chemistry. : , 2002.
  • Chowdhury, A.R., Tripathi, M.K., Jinwal, U.K., Roy, U., Kumar, V.V., Bhaduri, A.P. and P.K. Roy. Chemoselective hydrolysis of esters by fungal lipase Journal of Chemical Research. : , 1999.

  • Positions Held
  • Research Assistant Professor (Department of Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine, University of South Florida 2010 - 2011)
  • Instructor & Postdoctoral Fellow (USF health Byrd Alzheimer Institute, Department of Molecular Medicine , University of South Florida 2007 - 2010)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (Department of Cell Biology and Pathology, College of Medicine, University of South Florida 2006 - 2007)
  • Senior Research Associate (Department of Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 2002 - 2006)
  • Senior Research Fellow (Fermentation Technology Division, Central Drug Research Institute, India 2000 - 2002)

  • Memberships
  • The Alzheimer's Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer Research & Treatment. (Member, 2010 - Present)
  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Member, 2004 - Present)
  • Association of Microbiologists, India (Life Member, 1998 - Present)
  • American Association of College of Pharmacy (Member, 2011 - 2012)
  • The Society for Neuroscience (Member, 2008 - 2012)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (Member, 2007 - 2012)
  • American Mosquito Control Association (Member, 2004 - 2006)

  • Awards/Honors
  • New Investigator Research Grant award (Alzheimer’s Association - 2010)
  • Senior Research Fellowship award (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India - 2000)
  • Fellowship for M.S. (Department of Biotechnology, Ministry Of Science and Technology, Government of India - 1995)

  • Lectures
  • "Identification of novel drugs by using cell culture models" Drug Discovery in the Post Genomic Era Symposium, USF College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida. FL, United States - 2011.
  • "Deconstructing the tau/Hsp90 complex" Department of Molecular Medicine, University of South Florida. FL, United States - 2010.
  • "The Hsp90 co-chaperone FKBP51 regulates Tau biology" Department of Molecular Medicine, University of South Florida. FL, United States - 2009.
  • "FKBP51 Regulates Tau Phosphorylation and Degradation" The 14th Annual Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperone Meeting. Northwestern University, Evanston. FL, United States - 2009.
  • "Female-specific Enhancer activity from a Mosquito Hexamerin gene" The Entomological Society of America annual meeting: “Sex, Bugs and Rock ‘n’ roll”. FL, United States - 2005.

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