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Larry Dishaw,  PhD


Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

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Email: ldishaw@health.usf.edu
Office: CRI, 3008
  • PhD, Biological Sciences, Florida International University , Miami, United States - 2002.
    Research Summary

    I have a broad background in comparative immunology and phylogeny that have been developing since my undergraduate studies. I have always been interested in the evolution of immunity; host defense is an essential component of evolution. As a graduate student, I characterized innate immune receptors and mechanisms of allorecognition in Cnidarians. As a postdoctoral fellow, I joined a neuroscience lab to develop new skills in protein science and recombinant DNA technology. My postdoctoral training in Dr. Litman’s lab has been essential to my development as an immunologist. Here, I continued my work on characterizing novel forms of innate immunity, which, however, always seemed to functionally coalesce around the gut immune system. This is particularly true in invertebrates where it has become apparent that microbial interactions with the host are at the forefront of mucosal immunity and evolution; most interactions, however, are not pathogenic. These findings have allowed me to appreciate an entirely new way of studying the evolution of host immunity in that we must do it within the context of how the host immune system reacts normally to microbial communities that colonize mucosal surfaces. The presence or absence of adaptive immunity appears to be less important in the primary recognition responses that recognize and regulate normal surface communities. My training in comparative immunology has led me to explore clinically relevant issues concerning gut immunity. For example, a portion of my current studies are focusing on helping to define how disruption of this dynamic interaction (e.g., loss of homeostasis) at the mucosal surface relates to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) pathologies observed in humans. In summary, since my graduate studies I have maintained a consistent track record of progress and peer review publications directly related to studies of innate immunity, which have now converged on defining the dialogue between host and normal microbiota.

    Personal Page:   http://www.capote-dishaw.com/larry

    Selected Publications
  • Liberti, A.Melillo, D.Zucchetti, I.Natale, L.Dishaw, LJ.Litman, GW.De Santis, R.Pinto, MR. Expression of Ciona intestinalis variable region-containing chitin-binding proteins during development of the gastrointestinal tract and their role in host-microbe interactions. PloS one. 9(5): e94984, 2014.
  • Dishaw, LJ.Cannon, JP.Litman, GW.Parker, W. Immune-directed support of rich microbial communities in the gut has ancient roots. Developmental and comparative immunology. 47(1): 36-51, 2014.
  • Dishaw, LJ.Flores-Torres, J.Lax, S.Gemayel, K.Leigh, B.Melillo, D.Mueller, MG.Natale, L.Zucchetti, I.De Santis, R.Pinto, MR.Litman, GW.Gilbert, JA. The gut of geographically disparate Ciona intestinalis harbors a core microbiota. PloS one. 9(4): e93386, 2014.
  • Litman, GW.Dishaw, LJ. Histocompatibility: clarifying fusion confusion. Current biology : CB. 23(20): R934-5, 2013.
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  • Zhang, Q.Zmasek, CM.Dishaw, LJ.Mueller, MG.Ye, Y.Litman, GW.Godzik, A. Novel genes dramatically alter regulatory network topology in amphioxus. Genome biology. 9(8): R123, 2008.
  • Dishaw, LJ.Mueller, MG.Gwatney, N.Cannon, JP.Haire, RN.Litman, RT.Amemiya, CT.Ota, T.Rowen, L.Glusman, G.Litman, GW. Genomic complexity of the variable region-containing chitin-binding proteins in amphioxus. BMC genetics. 9(): 78, 2008.
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  • Piatigorsky, J.Norman, B.Dishaw, LJ.Kos, L.Horwitz, J.Steinbach, PJ.Kozmik, Z. J3-crystallin of the jellyfish lens: similarity to saposins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 98(22): 12362-7, 2001.

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  • American Association of Immunologists (Member, 2014 - Present)
  • American Association of Microbiologists (Member, 2011 - Present)

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